In 1987, a young Amish farmer in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, started building wooden lawn furniture as a way to supplement his income. As he began offering furniture for sale at local farmers markets and shops, the customer interest grew. He began expanding his product line to include more wooden lawn furniture. Years later, the introduction of maintenance-free poly brought more changes to the Leisure Lawns Collection. Many of the wooden styles were adapted to poly, making the furniture more durable and colorful. Leisure Lawns has now been producing poly furniture for twenty-two years and continues to introduce new designs and continues to improve on their other designs.


Produced with plastic lumber made from high- density polyethylene which would normally be disposed into landfills.


Twenty-four beautiful poly infused with color and UV stabilizers.


Our furniture will not rot, rust or fall apart from wear. Poly does not require painting and is built to endure harsh weather. Periodic cleaning is required to keep the furniture looking new.

Zook's is proud to introduce modern outdoor furniture


The legs of our poly furniture are 1 1⁄2” thick by 3 1⁄2” wide, giving our furniture additional strength and stability.


We use high-quality stainless steel fasteners on all of our poly furniture which are proven to be more resistant to corrosion.


All of our furniture is made using only the highest quality products, allowing us to stand behind our products knowing it will serve you well in the years to come.

Leisure Lawns Collection is known for its craftsmanship and quality.

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